Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

broken broken broken

I got to the pool this morning and my iPod Shuffle was barely working. I couldn't get it to pause. The button that changes playlists and gives audible cues wouldn't work. Actually nothing really worked. I finally got it to change playlists but then couldn't get the volume up very much.  So my swim was kind of frustrating.

I got home and the internet had died... again.  I got it started but the webcam wouldn't work.  I rebooted it and then focused on the Shuffle.

I tested it and no go. I ordered a new one and then went to the website to see how to invoke the warranty.  Interestingly it has a one year warranty but any of the same thing purchased after March of this year have a 2 year warranty.  Anyway, I read over the FAQ's and thought I'd test one more time to make sure I hadn't locked it.  I plugged in the earphones and it worked fine. WTF??  I canceled the order and tested the webcam.

No go.  An hour later I had discovered that Comcast, apparently gifted me a new IP address - at 2 am this morning.

Then when I thought everything was working, the desktop machine took a turn. It could ping websites but no browser worked.  It's rebooting now.  Holy crap on a stick.

Ok now everything does seem to be working... I hope.

Whew. That was a not fun way to start the day.

But, it's bound to get better. Nothing big on the calendar today. And the way-too-hot of yesterday seems to have calmed-the-fuck-down to normal.  The sun is out and it's still warmer than I want but at least it's not uncomfortable and the next two days are expected to be cloudy and cool.  Yeah!
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