Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Baby Ready

I take the bears each month to the Seattle Baby corner. From their own mission statement:  The Baby Corner provides items necessary for the health and safety of babies and toddlers living in poverty.

This morning, I spied this when I dropped this month's bears off.  It was a bundle - stroller, car seat, bottles and all kind of other stuff - headed for a baby whose due date is today!  There were several other bundles made, ready and waiting for other babies due this week.

Each of the bags had the head of one of my bears popping out. It cracked me up.

Jeanie, who runs the joint, always makes such a fuss when I deliver the bears and today she really did. I make them because it gives me an excuse to sit on my ass and watch junk TV. And it's a way I can give back without really having to do anything.  So it's a treat to see these guys all ready to go on their mission!

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