Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It never fails

I get a new Windows machine. I play around with it and get it all set up the way I want it and fuck up something - usually a teensy weensy something - and have to do a factory reset and start all over again.  I think it's happened with every single Windows machine I've ever owned except one.  At least I no longer freak about it.

Yet another reason to keep this tablet lean and mean.

I'm enjoying poking at the operating system and it's doing what I want it to do but yikes on a stick, it sure makes me happy with my Chromebooks for every day, hard core work. Right now the tablet is charging because it is, apparently it does not like a long charging cable and while it said it was charging it was not.  Now, it's in the kitchen on a short leash and, apparently, actually rejuicing.


Today has been warm enough to need the door open all day. The rest of this week is supposed to get way warmer.  My big fan is being fixed via the Dyson recall but I have a smaller one at the ready.  This building's old thick bricks keep it from getting hot until we have a string of hot days with warm nights so, hopefully, this little spate of heat will be brief enough to stay outside and leave the inside (and me) alone.
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