Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gadget day

Yesterday was full of the new toy. A Windows tablet. Dell Venture Pro 8. It has a full version of Windows 8.1 on it so will run everything that will run on a full Windows machine - including iTunes for updating my little Shuffle. Plus, while I don't want Windows 8 on any computer that I am dependent on, I'm still curious and this seems a good way to get acquainted/used to it.

Turns out the tablet is exactly what I wanted it to be. Windows 8 is very challenging (I know I can make it 'look/work' like Windows 7 but that's not the goal here).  I purposely got a tablet with very little storage. I wanted the discipline of keeping it lean.  The tablet came with Office which I immediately deleted. It does have card slots, 2 I think and I plan to stick those in today and see how that works for what I want.

It does do the Shuffle thing very nicely. And so now I can get iTunes off my main machine. Whew. Plus, new toys are just fun.

This morning as I came awake, I realized that I had no idea where that little shuffle was. I keep it with my swimming stuff. Most of the time, it stays in the car in my swim bag. But I had it in the house yesterday and in all the trials and tests yesterday, it got shuffled somewhere. That damn thing is so tiny.  Before coffee, I did a grid search. Finally found it and it is now safely attached to my swim suit.

Today is swimming at 11 and really, that's the only thing on my list. It's likely I'll be spending a fair amount of time noodling around the new toy.
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