Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gadget day!!

I am waiting for Out for Delivery to turn into Delivered. New hardware coming my way and I love it. I am a slut for silicon. That's just the who I am. I read in a journal the other day someone declaring their slut-dom for experiences. Not me, baby. I'm all about the things - specifically the bright, shiney, technology things.

I develop strong gadget lust. Some of it turns into long term fulfilling relationships.  I'm looking (and feeling your keys) at you, Pixel. I love this thing. I love the way it looks, I love the way it feels, I love what it does and what it doesn't do.

Sometimes my lust is a flash in the pan. Like the small laptop, I'm selling today. I thought I loved it but after a few spins around the block, it turns out we weren't meant to be.  Sometimes my lust turns into toleration. I love the idea of a 7" android tablet and I honestly believe the Nexus 7 that I've had for nearly a year is the best there is to offer right now. But, the very minute a better one comes along, it's going to be bye bye baby for it.

I don't buy everything I want. I do sometimes exercise restraint. But, mostly I apply the Can't Take It With You rule.  And I have had very good luck at trading in (Amazon) and selling (Gazelle) older stuff without having to fuck with eBay or Craig's list.

I'm not that big on travel. I'm not a clothes horse. The yarn that keeps me knitting needs to be cheap because the cheap stuff is what is washable which is a requirement for toys. So I buy gadgets. And the days when a new one arrives are very good and fun days.

Now if UPS will just get their little brownness here with my goodies!!!

Swimming was good this morning. There's this kid - a really cute young guy who started coming a couple of weeks ago. He does not swim like someone who has been coached but he swims hard and he's building up some good strength. The first couple of times he was there he'd do a lap and then stand by the pool's edge and pant while I did 2 laps. But now he can keep up pretty well. Pretty soon, he'll move on to the big boy lanes. Today he had his first pair of goggles. And they drove him nuts. I can relate. I hate goggles at first. He's a great lane partner. Sticks to his side, waits or not and times his runs to maximize both of our access.  I'll miss him when he grows up.

Now back to waiting for UPS.
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