Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pointing the finger

My gout-y finger woke me up this morning. But, now it's 90 minutes later. I've iced it down twice and taken some magic gout fixing medicine and it's way way better.

Now my big decision is go out for breakfast or eat in. I have everything I need for a lovely brunch in house but if I go out, I get in a nice little walk and my house won't smell breakfast-y all day. Go, don't go... go, don't go... I'm leaning towards going. There's no sun out and so the walk will be pleasant and we're heading into the months where that won't always be the case.  So I'm on a strike while the iron is hot track here.

Yesterday after I bought that Windows tablet, I spent some time raising the money to pay for it. Between Amazon's trade in program and returning for refund some stuff I now no longer need, I pretty much have the cost covered. I sure hope it does what I want it to. Mainly if I can get iTunes loaded onto it and have it sync up with my little pool Shuffle, I'll be a happy camper. The rest will be gravy. I've only spent about 10 minutes with Windows 8 so it will be interesting to explore that.

Oh and I finally got my refund for the blanket I bought on Etsy from that woman in India. Whew. It took way too long but I am now whole there.

I'm taking a bear break to crochet a little android. I finished his head last night. I'll polish off the rest today. He's cute. Crocheting calls for way different hand muscles than knitting. And, still, does not require my hurt finger which is nice. I think I'm going find me some other small crochet projects to tackle now and again when my hands get knitting tired/cramped. Maybe I can find a good crochet teddy bear pattern.

Now I think I'll get dressed and hit the street.
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