Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Holy crap... what happened to this day?

I got hone from brunch and started piddling around and the next thing I knew it was after 2 pm?!

Swimming was great and my new swim caps work fine and dandy. I shall be the stylish swimmer from now on.  Those small girls can have the fun suits but my head will be where it's at.  (They do not make the really cool suits in fat lady size and the fat lady suits with cool colors and patterns are not made for swimming in chlorine every day. So I'm stuck with my dull but will last forever suits.)

Brunch was good. Back to Smith's. I parked way farther away than I intended so I got in a nice walk as well.  That would have been more fun if I had gotten fewer or lighter groceries after but they had such good deals - manager's specials!

Then home, and, seriously, I have precious little to account for what happened to the next four hours. Well, I do know that I ordered a Windows tablet. Yep. A windows 8 tablet. Dell. 7". $200.  It will be an interesting experiment that may well go back if I cannot use it to update my iPod Shuffle.  We shall see.

The soccer people are all in their stadium and, if fireworks are any indication, they just scored a goal.

After I finish this next bear, I may take a time out to crochet myself a little green android. I found a good pattern and I'm at least going to give it a shot.  But, first I have a bear to finish and I think I'm going to watch the moving Way Way Back while I finish it.
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