Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am woken every morning by NPR on my internet radio. A few months ago I switched the alarm from a local NPR station to one from Los Angeles.  I like the LA one so much better than I never changed it but once in a while I get a little jolt because I forget I'm not listening to Seattle. This morning after listening for a while, I switched over to a local station. You have to sit through an ad when you first connect - today there were two and then, when the station connected, the station was in the middle of a condescending beg for $$.  ARUGH. I'm going back to LA. There's not enough local news on either local station to make it worth wading through the crap.

Plus, the woman who hosts the LA morning shows is named Cherry Glazer. And when she says it, she always uses a 'straight face' while I always giggle.

My swim caps from Etsy arrived yesterday and they are fabulous. They are architected a little differently than regular lycra caps. So I want to road test them before I declare victory but I do love them so far.  I bought 3. I have two swim suits - a red one and a blue one - they are boring.  These caps will be my waitress earrings.  (I read a book a while back about the life of a waitress and it pointed out that the reason waitresses usually wear remarkable (as in need to be remarked upon) earrings because their uniforms are boring.

My swim suits are boring but my head - the part you see while I'm doing laps - will look spectacular.

My finger gout is back. The top joint in the index finger of my right hand is whining.  Happily, knitting does not bother it too much but lots of other things do.  The last time this happened, it got so bad, I could not cut my meat.  Then it healed completely and was not sore at all for a year.  Now it's starting to hurt again.  At least I know it will heal again eventually. And I think my finger icer is still in the freezer.

I am pretty sure I'm going to find brunch after swimming this morning, but I have not yet decided where.  I think probably Smith.  There will be no futzing around town as traffic around here is going to get rough about noonish. There's a soccer game at 1 and a baseball game at 6.  It will be a good day to get home and stay there.
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