Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


One of the great up sides to getting up early and going to swim is that by 8 am I can check off 'exercise' and have the rest of the day free.  It's a silly thing but I do love it. This morning's swim was a little crowded and with new folks. Sometimes I get aggravated by too many people in my way but this morning there was no aggravation and a rise in the pool's popularity can only mean good for the pool.

This morning I woke up about 4:30 and got up to pee. When I got back into bed as I was falling back asleep, I heard myself wheezing.  FUCK.  Wheezing is more than not good. Whenever I report breathing issues to my doctor he asks if I'm wheezing. If the answer is yes, he gets all wrinkly worried in his forehead. If the answer is no, his forehead remains smooth and he's smiling.  I'm so lucky to be so healthy but I know a good cold or actually nearly anything can take over my sad lungs and do me in.  So a little wheeze scares me and pisses me off.  This morning, I listened...  I tested out all other systems, nothing seemed amiss.  So I held my breath and the wheezing continued.  Ah ha!! It wasn't me at all... it was a bird whistling outside!  I went back to sleep still laughing at myself.

I ended up with a 2 year HBO deal that will raise my bill by $10 (instead of the $20 that would have happened) and hold that for 2 years.  The deal includes all of the premium channels. I've had HBO on and off for a few years and Showtime once but I've never had all of them.  The number of channels I now have astounds me and that's not even counting Netflix and Amazon Instant Prime.

I remember when the education station got a signal boost and over night we went from 3 channels to 4. It was a big fucking day in my house.  Also about that time we got early morning news to replace the test pattern and that same test pattern was replaced by kids shows at 3 instead of 4 in the afternoons.  Seriously, this was the most exciting thing in the world.  Mid 50's.

It should be fun to watch some of the stuff I've only heard about. I got to watch the first season of VEEP and am delighted to now get to see the rest.

I got nothing going on today at least that I know about now. That could change on a whim. 
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