Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Missing: Patience

I'm not an overly patient and understanding person on a good day.  But, some days. I have nearly less than none. I irritate myself with my reactions to things.

My sister-in-law (with whom I rarely share a thought or sentiment) sends me a note today saying I should add an article to my brother's (her husband) newsletter saying that Amy is leaving to pursue the American Dream.

1. It's not my fucking newsletter - why tell me???
2. Amy is leaving to pursue the American Dream????  What the fuck? My brother's (and her) business isn't the American Dream? Working for them is so anti-American Dream?  Wonder what she thinks the American Dream is? God, I hate amorphous platitudes. If you can't be bothered to think, don't pollute my ears with meaningless crap. Dead air is so much better than junk air. (There's a lovely platitude for you.)

The customer is not only NOT always right - the customer is rarely right.

The people of Seattle seem to think that they are entitled to cheap housing, artificially mandated pay raises and buses subsidized by car owners. I try so hard to understand and be appreciative of the plights of others but god am I tired of everybody's being a whiny victim. And I'm tired of the news media - online and traditional - finding whiny victim assholes on the street and filling up their news hole with that crap. My opinion, because I refuse to feed the media - 'send us your opinion, upload your photos, fill out this form, call us with what you think' - is invalid.

You cannot your New York Times subscription without calling them.  Calling them is painful. Note to self: If you ever are tempted to get another subscription, remember how hard it is to dump.

I have to renew my Comcast deal in the next month or so, or it will go up $20 a month. I called today and discovered that their account review people are reading from a script that is could not be more annoying. The new deal, apparently, is all channels - including all premium channels - with no other changes to my account - for $6 more than I'm paying now and is good for 2 years. The service rep I was talking to was not able to go off script and so was impossible to talk to. I told him I'd think about it and call back.

On the up side, the Mariners won last night and are off tonight (so no loss).

I am now going to quit bitching. At least for an hour - baby steps.
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