Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pool Obsessing

I've been kind of off and on investigating downtown Portland and Vancouver hotels with pools. The long term idea is finding a place to go for Christmas day if I decide to do that. The kicker seems to be pools that are at least 25yards long. Interestingly, while some hotels list their pools as lap pools, none give yardage. Some have pictures and I can tell right away that the pool is not nearly long enough. The others require a phone call. (Emails go unanswered.)

Also the hotel must have a restaurant. I don't want to be in an unfamiliar place trying to find a restaurant open for Christmas.

So far, the best hotel/pool/restaurant combo I have found is in Bellevue - just across the lake but it is P R I C E Y. I'm not sure I want to spend $400 for this little adventure.  So the research continues.

Then, last night I got a wild hair that I wanted to swim in an olympic sized (50 yards long) pool. Not every day, but once in a while or at least once. The only time I was ever in one was before I started doing laps so it doesn't count. Turns out there aren't that many around.  And even fewer open to the public and even fewer open to the public for lap swims. There's one in Federal Way which is 45-60 mins from here but the schedule shows only team swimming - no lap swimming.

So... it's going to be the one run by the city here in town. It's a heated, saltwater pool outside. It opens for the weekends Memorial Day weekend. IF the weather sucks, it will be an excellent opportunity. (If the weather's nice, it will be too crowded.)  The only real drawback - besides the weather - is getting there. The parking lot is a huge long difficult walk from the pool. It's even longer if you have to stick to flat lands as I do.  But, if I get there way early and take it slowly and plan for stops along the way if necessary, it could be doable.  So here's hoping for cold and rain for Memorial Day weekend - at least for one of the three days.
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