Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Laundry Day

It's either laundry day or the day to dig out that second pop up dirty laundry bin. I think I'll just wash the stuff.

I've been waiting for several refunds to come in and I finally got the last one today.  Yeah. So I can get all my accounts caught up and reconciled. I keep what I spend and what I will be spending (upcoming bills) in a spreadsheet to track it all. It's the modern equivalent of a checkbook register. It has had a series of penciled in entries but now I can ink them in and check them off.  I like it when everything checks out.

Today's Mariner's loss will be in a day game.  It will be good to get it out of the way early.

I've been waiting for several weeks now for the designer and the electrician and the lighting supply place to all get their shit organized for the replacement of my living room ceiling fixtures. Every week, for the past 3 weeks, I get a note from the designer asking me when I'll be free next week. The first few weeks, I tried to be precise. Then, seeing that this was not going to actually happen and so my response did not matter, I started answering 'anytime, plz just give me a couple hours notice'.  Apparently now the fixture is in and it's up to the electrician who is known to have exceedingly squishy calendar integrity. So... my guess, is that he will call and want to come tomorrow during my swim time. So I swam extra hard/extra long this morning.

Right now, I have no lights failing in either of the fixtures and I'm way used to the flakiness of the players involved so I know better than to get all stressed about it.

I've started rebooting my router once a day. Right now I'm doing it manually. The only downside to that is remembering. But, so far, the network seems quite happy with the plan. I read about doing this in a tech blog article on tips for a healthy home network. Not sure why in the heck I never thought to do it myself.

Now it's time to get that laundry started.
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