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I've been looking online for pretty lycra swimming caps. I want loud prints and fun colors. I found some on eBay but from China and it's not exactly clear what you get. Last night I was thinking that maybe I should just make some so I googled images to see if I could get some good photographs to make a pattern from. Following those photographs, I stumbled right over an Etsy shop with exactly what I want.  At a very reasonable price. Yeah!

My call to Google yesterday about my Nexus 7 issues may just have fixed the problems! A very efficient, nice lady walked me through some stuff on the tablet and, when we were done, I told her I'd test it out and if not fixed, I'd call back for a replacement. So all day yesterday and again this morning, I ran it through all kinds of different software.  Before yesterday, it would have failed by now but so far, it's fine.  A win for me!  I did not want to abandon my game totals and now I don't have to!

The good old Mariners are back. They are losing every game now in spectacular fashion.  They are finding new and interesting ways to lose. We have one pitcher who is golden and even he fell apart last night.  I think I remember it was May when I gave up last year. They stand to increase their losing streak to double digits before May even gets here this year!  Sigh.

Today is the usual. Swimming and errands. I bought some really good and really cheap coffee at Grocery Outlet on Saturday. It wasn't the one closest to me. Yesterday I went to the one closest to me and they had the coffee but only the decaf variety. So I think, today, I'll go back to the other one and score some more coffee before they run out.  And I need to pop into Walgreens. Oh and return a movie to the library.

I also discovered that right now, Grocery Outlet has good canned cat food for cheap.  Zoey is really getting into wet cat food now so the coincidence is fine by me. Like all the cats I've ever had, she prefers to lick the gravy off the morsels and sometimes leaves a fair amount in the bowl but it's all dried. And, like all the cats I've ever had, if I add water to those dried bits, she thinks it's new gravy and will like the bowl clean.

I did not nap yesterday and stayed up until 11. I slept nicely. I could be fixed.

Time now for breakfast!
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