Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stop talking!!

Sometimes when I'm talking to someone, my brain is listening to what I'm saying and is yelling STOP TALKING. It's usually when I'm saying something stupid or just adding unnecessary information to the conversation. When it happens I want to yell at my brain WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME THAT BEFORE I OPEN MY MOUTH!!!  I mean I honestly know that my brain and mouth are connected but sometimes they really have communications issues.


Google has a cool new(?) system for customer support of hardware you buy from them. You can either call OR you can type out your information and then hit the 'call me' button.  This latter method is great for me. It enables me to hone in on exactly what the problem is and what it isn't and what the mitigating factors are and write it all out rather than bumble through explaining it orally.  Today that's what I did and a nice lady named Mary called me back and ran me through a bunch of stuff with a set of tools on the device that I'd never seen before - very cool.

My screen issues aren't particularly persistent and rarely replicable so I told her I'd keep an eye out for recurrence and was there a ticket number or something I needed to use if the problem came back. Nope. The issue history is now tied to my email address.  Easy peasy. And I have 3 months or so before my warranty expires. Nice.


I wondered, this morning, how long I've been doing laps in the pool so I went back through LJ and discovered that I reallyl started around the middle of May of last year. Before that I did aqua aerobics but somehow decided being horizontal was better.  I did both for a while but then finally decided that laps were way more fun.  Next I need to look up when I started doing a mile a day. I remember my first mile. I was shocked that I had accomplished that.  I remember it was on a Sunday.  Probably in August.


My sleep is getting out of whack. I hate naps. I do. I like to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. The end. But lately I've been getting horribly sleepy in the middle of the day and so taking naps which make me feel groggy and stupid. Plus at night, I've been going to sleep earlier and then waking up earlier. I need to wrangle it all back under control so that I am awake all day and sleep all night. I like this better. And it starts today.
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