Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Way better

All day yesterday I felt pretty much like crap. I slept for an hour in the middle of the day and went to sleep last night an hour earlier than usual and woke up this morning feeling 100% better.  COPD is so weird (at least I am guessing it's COPD).  Some days all is fine and I feel fine - good even. There are no days can I climb many stairs, walk very far or anything that requires exertion. But, a lot of days are fine.  And then there are those that are just uggy. Yesterday was one but today is not. Today is good.

I had planned to do brunch in house this morning and avoid any Easter anything. But, I got an email last night from ljtourist who had a new place to try that was open and he suggested we do it early.  We went to Burien which was an adventure itself.  We had a great breakfast and a fun side trip to a fun bakery.  All in all a great little road trip.

Among other things, I discovered an Odd Lots in Burien. I love Odd Lots. And it was right next to a beautiful bus transit center.  Bus adventure!!!  Not perfect if I get too enthusiastic at Odd Lots and buy more than I can carry but, worth a look anyway. Except when I got home and looked it up, I discovered that the transit center is not connected to Seattle, bus wise!  The best connection is the light rail from here to the airport and then the bus from the airport to the transit center.  Since the walk, at the airport, from the light rail to the bus is a little over a mile. That's not that much fun on a good day with nothing in my hands, laden down with massive purchases, it's not sounding like too much fun.  Oh well, I have a car and I know how to use it.

Because we went early, I got home before the baseball game even started at 10 our time.  We are working on a long, juicy losing streak.  But, as I type this, we are in the 4th and in the lead. Shit, there goes the streak.

Nothing else is on the agenda for today. I need to to Costco with a return, to Walgreens for a couple of things, and to Grocery Outlet. But I know Costco is closed and I'm pretty sure Grocery Outlet is, too. Walgreens can wait with the rest of them.
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