Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Usually, on Saturday, I get the first parking spot at the pool before it opens at 8:30. This morning, however, all the parking spots were taken?!! Turns out there was some kind of team/meet something going on that was finishing up at 8:30.  Those kids have been on Spring Break all week so maybe getting up at oh dark thirty on a Saturday morning wasn't too bad.  But, once they cleared out, more people than usual came in.  It was a crowded swim. I finally gave up about 50 yards short of my mile. I was tired of fighting the lane traffic.

From there I went back to Bings at the Magnolia point. It was sooo good last week. It's nice and quiet with great mugs of coffee and plenty of places to park on flat land so I can park away and walk easily. I ordered the Croque Madame again but this time without the way too garlic potatoes. It was good but not as magical as I thought it was last week.  Oh well. It was still a very enjoyable brunch.

From there I stopped at the Grocery Outlet and picked up some bargains in catfood, coffee and lunch stuff.  And then I came home. I'm feeling kind of COPDity.  Not horrible but not great. I've been coughing more the past couple of days so I figured I'd just come home and quit trying to do anything else. Now that I have a good TV in the bedroom, I could take my bear knitting basket in there and crank the bed up or down and nap or not - it's a luxury to have such good options. I don't have a big couch in the living room to stretch out on but now I have the bedroom.

I'm about half way into the Amazon book and it's fascinating. I never really wanted to work there but was always very curious. I've always been interested in corporate politics - how decisions are made at the top - how things filter down to the areas that cannot see the top and so have no clue about the why. Amazon has grown so quickly and so large and in areas never explored before. It's amazing to read about all the twists and turns.  Even more so since I've been so acutely aware of a lot of them from the customer side.

Last night I finished listening to Circle of Wives - a novel that was meh. I had no problem getting to the end of it but it was sure not great anything.  In the pool, I'm listening to Rob Lowe's new memoir. He's doing the reading of it and it's really quite a good listen.

The ball game is at 4 today and there may be a nap before then.
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