Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why can't I ever remember Easter?

I've known Easter was coming for a week but what I forget - every year - is that it is a 'deal' for a lot of people. I always think of Easter as a religious (Christian, to be specific) only holiday. Yeah Easter Egg hunts, etc but really, you only got Easter clothes for church.  I forget, every year, that Easter is a deal for far more than every-Sunday-Christians.

For instance. If you were not at Costco this morning when it opened up, you are, indeed, a very unique individual. The majority of the world was there this morning. The parking lot was full but it's always full. The store, however, was packed. Packed. The checkout lines were bursting. I put on my standing in line zen and even let a couple of frantic people go ahead of me. I was in no hurry. I got in and out for $50 and it was fine. And two of the things (coffee and grapefruit) are trials. If either isn't wonderful, back it goes.

When I got home my new TV was here. It is not too big for the bedroom. It's actually a nice size.  Except, I'm going to have to move some of the art on the wall behind it. It framed the smaller TV nicely.  It's half gone with the new TV.

It's a nice looking screen, too.  Not too bad - TV with built in DVD player - 32" - $200 ($228 with tax). I'm happy. I assumed that for that price, there was some fatal flaw and I'd be returning it.  I don't think so.  Now I need to get the Harmony remote set up.
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