Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got a note from my brother that his long time shop manager is leaving in two weeks for a new job.  He's very bummed on many levels.  Amy is not only his niece by marriage but really more like his faux daughter.  She escaped her drunken, drug addled life and moved in with my brother and his wife. They gave her a home and a job and, when she was ready, he helped her find her way to AA. They have been (and will be) the part of her family who have embraced and welcomed her girlfriend of several years while the rest of her family (and all of her girlfriend's family) ignore (at best) or reject the whole idea.

She's been sober now for about 5 years and has become a critical part of his operation. Losing her is a real kick in his personal nuts as well as her business nuts. I'm bummed on his behalf. Amy's uncle, my brother's stepson, did the same thing about 4 years ago. Worked for my brother and left him in the lurch for another job. In his case, it has all worked out fine. Family ties strong as ever and the shop recovered.  Hopefully, it will this time, too but it's so hurtful for him. I'm so sorry. At least I think his wife is out of relatives to hire.

Ah, I just got a follow up note. Amy's new job is bigger with better pay and an hour a day closer to home plus, if Jackie (her girlfriend) decides to go to Dallas to finish her engineering job, Amy's new job will transfer. As my brother says, it makes all kinds of good sense for her. Still sucks for him. But, at least it keeps the family part of the equation unbruised.


I've got nothing on the agenda today. The Mariner game is at 4.  I think I might make a Costco run this morning. I don't really need anything but it's a good place to walk around and I think my back could use some of that.


We have a new lifeguard at the pool. She happens to have filled in on the shift I do my laps in for the past three days. This morning when I got out of the pool she remarked about how hard and long and often I swim.  She said the only person she's seen recently who swims as much as I do is Erica.  Erica is in charge of pool maintenance and is a really really really good swimmer. I can't lie, I love being recognized for my efforts. I love swimming. So much. And it really never feels like a workout to me. But having someone call out my aquatic accomplishment in admiration is really very cool.  So, of course, Lisa is now my new favorite lifeguard.
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