Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yep, she now likes wet cat food. Which is fine. I will likely break down and buy more when she finishes what's in the house now.

The good news is that she's way more tidy than Betty ever was. Betty would take chunks out and move them over to the floor where she would eat most but not all.  And then repeat. So her food bowl was always surrounded with little hard gritty pieces of leftover food. Zoey leaves everything on the plate and eats it from there.  Sooooo considerate!

And, she doesn't beg.

This is why she will get more. I'm big on positive reinforcement.


I did get a good start on the website and got two big sections done. More to do but I had to stop to work on my brother's newsletter so I figure the rest will wait.


I ordered two blankets from Etsy - both from India. One arrived immediately. So fast, it was freaky - Amazon fast. I watched the tracking number of the other as it came near here and then went back. I wrote to the seller last week and told her there was a problem. She sent me (again) the tracking number and told me to call the post office. I wrote back and told her NFW - that I had paid for successful shipping and expected her to provide it.  Today I got a note saying the blanket had come back to her (surprise!!) and did I want a refund. You bet yer bippy.  Win some lose some but this last one came to a fairly satisfactory draw. I have enough blankets - it was karma saving me from me.
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