Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Setting a bad precident

Yesterday, I found a stash of canned and pouch cat food left over from when Betty was eating everything she could find. After she died, I tried feeding wet food to Zoey and she wasn't at all interested. I briefly considered putting the found cat food down on the free shelf in the garage but there was a notice a few weeks ago saying not to put food there. I doubt they meant cat food and I could put it anonymously but I decided to see if in the ensuing year, Zoey had changed her mind.

Apparently she has. This could be asking for trouble. I explained that once we went through the current stash, that was it. But, something tells me that information has been rejected.


Ever since I got the adjustable bed, I have been sleeping with the head end of my bed elevated about 15% or so. I sleep with fewer interruptions. My nasal passages stay unclogged with no dry mouth. It's wild and it saves me a bundle on Breathe Right strips.  But, I wondered if it was my imagination. So last night I lowered it down a bit. Not flat but nearly flat.  I woke up about 3 hours after getting to sleep with my nose all stuffed up and my mouth dry as the sahara. So, I'm thinking not my imagination.  Good to know.


This morning I decided to stop by the grocery store before my swim. So I calculated backward, Pool opens at 11.Time from grocery to pool is maybe 5 minutes. Grocery will cost maybe 15 - 20 minutes. Time from home to grocery is about 15 minutes.  And I need about 5 minutes after I get to the pool.  So I'll leave home about 10.

And then, later in the morning, I decided I didn't need to stop at the grocery store. So when the folks at the pool looked at me funny when I got there even before all the lights were on... I looked at the clock.  I was dressed and ready to get into the water at exactly 10:35.  ARUGH!!  Happily, I had my phone with me and it had my book on it so I passed the time reading.

But it was pretty disconcerting.

Baseball game's at 5.
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