Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I need a hair cut and the dirty clothes bin is full and while I'm add it, I might as well change the sheets on the bed. That could be my Monday. But I may move the haircut to Wednesday.

The Mariners are moving east - Texas and then Miami.This means night games start at 5 or 4 my time and frees up a lot of evenings for TiVo catch up.

I realized long ago that my idea of wonderful weather was not shared by anyone. And everyone else's idea of beautiful weather was pretty much the antithesis of mine. But, along with this revelation came the realization that no one gives a shit. This time of year, as the weather changes, everyone feels compelled to comment on the good or the bad of it. My feelings are usually the opposite. I used to point out that not everyone thinks this hot weather is wonderful or that the rain is horrible. But, now I just nod and agree with whatever their stupid opinion of the weather is. It makes it all easier on everyone - maybe not me but really, in the end, me, too.

We are having bright, sunny, relatively warm weather today. Not my favorite by a long shot. I have exchanged words with maybe 4 people today and all 4 insisted that I agree the weather is wonderful and aren't we lucky??!!  One dude in the pool even noted that we should be swimming outside today!  (I swim outside ONLY when there is no indoor option available at all and usually select no swimming rather than swim outdoors.)

So bitch, moan, whine... for no good reason at all.  Maybe my attitude needs a haircut. I'll bet that's it.
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