Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My brain is rested

It occurred to me on the way home that I had just spent the morning in no-brainer land.

The post office self service kiosk is dirt simple to use + no waiting and no chit chatting with a clerk. Then on to iHop - 2 eggs over easy, bacon, hash browns-extra crispy, french toast - no sugar on top.  It's what I get every time and it takes no effort to decide.

On to the movie - Cuban Fury. It's a Simon Pegg-ish movie. A lot of the same actors and same production values of Paul and the others. I didn't see his name on the credits so I just IMDB'd him and, sure enough, he's in there!!  Simon Pegg - Drive in Car Park (uncredited)  Ha! I knew it.

This is a very simpleton version of a Simon Pegg movie. It's not clever or hilarious. It's entirely predictable and it's kind of difficult to even put a finger on why, but at the end, walking out of the theater, you realize you just had fun and your toe tapped in rhythm the whole time.  Well worth the price of admission.

And I didn't have to think a bit.

On to the dollar store where my rule is that I can get whatever I want but when the bag I bring in from the car gets full, I'm done.  The end.  No thinking required.

Very satisfying morning.  Getting home around the baseball traffic required a bit of thinking but since I was not in any hurry, I managed to make it without stress.  I did have to turn on the A/C because the sun was frying the car.  First time this year.
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