Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I actually have plans today! Not big plans but, plans. I have a package to mail so first stop will be the Post Office down the road that has a self serve kiosk.  Then I'm headed north.  My actual destination is a movie theater. I'm going to see Cuban Fury. There's an iHop across the parking lot from the theater and a UPS shop down the block. I package for UPS, too.  After all that, I'm thinking a stop at the dollar store that's down the road from the theater/iHop. Then home to the baseball game!

See?! Plans. I haz 'em.

Ooops. Just remembered to check. UPS store is closed. Ok. So I'll leave that in the UPS Out box downstairs. The rest is good. And I have my book to fill in any time gaps.  I'm still reading the Amazon book and it's really interesting.
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