Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today started out with a great swim and then I decided to go back to Bing's for breakfast. I went there for the first time last week and liked (not loved) the food but really liked getting there, walking around the place, the coffee mugs and the general ambiance of the place. Plus there were two things on the menu I wanted to try.

So today I went back again. It's just a lovely neighborhood with plenty of parking and lots of pretty to look at.  I got the croque madame which was really freakin' excellent. They put garlic potatoes with every order and, honestly, I love garlic but these suckers just don't do it right. But, they are also unneeded. I will go back and I will get the croque madame again but I will ask them to leave off the potatoes.

There are several places these days that serve croque madame around town. The Bastille in Ballard and the Ma'ono in West Seattle both serve superior (and VERY different) croques madame and the one at Bings is different still and on par with the other two. Oh the riches of Seattle brunches!!

I couldn't think of any other errands or places I needed and wanted to go so I came home.  There is a motor cross rally thingie at the football stadium tonight. The parking lot is crammed with all kinds of vendors and booths for attendees and I'm not sure when they will start to pour in but I figured getting home now was better than taking a chance on getting stuck.  Turns out the motor cross activities are only now drawing the crowds in.  Probably they will get cranked by mid afternoon.

But, that's ok. I have lots to entertain me and I'm happy to be home.
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