Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fun Friday

This morning, after a lovely swim, I met notmypresident at his hotel for breakfast and a really wonderful visit. It was very much fun to visit face to face.  And he brought me this wonderful t-shirt... eating, sleeping and knitting... It's ME!!
On the way home, I played my latest trick. I usually have the car radio on NPR but if I've heard the news before or there is something else on that I don't want to listen to (Garrison Keiller, I'm talking to you!), I mostly listen to music on my phone through the car speakers.  I can plug in the aux cables directly - phone to speakers. OR I can add in a bluetooth receiver. The first one I tried had horrible reception. The second one I tried required me to push and hold a button on the receiver which was not only a PIA but meant it couldn't live in the glove compartment conveniently.  Then, this week, I studied Amazon reviews and found one that had a mega ton of 5 star reviews most of which praised it for auto turn on so I bought.

Yesterday I got it all set up and it works great. Then this morning I listened to the radio on the way to the pool but on the way back I flipped the radio to AUX and bam! the receiver fired right up without my touching it.  My phone also needs no touching. I can turn it on with my voice and tell it to play music.  So now, I can get in my car, phone in my pocket, and without touching anything but the key to turn the car on and the steering wheel to drive, I can have music tailored just for me coming out of my radio speakers.

I love the future.

My insurance company, however, is apparently NOT fond of the future. Premera Blue Cross Advantage gives me no way to track pharmacy claims. The AARP Doughnut Hole calculator says my drugs will cost me (out of my pocket) $52,000.00 this year.  Doing my own calculations from the Premera Drug cost list, my out of pocket should be $1,700.  I sure hope to shit that AARP is wrong. When I called to ask where on the website I could track my drug spending and was told nowhere, she said that I will get a report in the snail mail once a month "probably starting next month".  ARUGH.  What decade is this???

I did kill an hour looking into the whole thing. My current info is still 'best I can noodle' from info I can find.

Next up is organizing my bandage drawer. I'm tired of digging through stuff to find what I want and buying stuff I already have and not having what I need.  And, if I'm going to keep scraping skin off of body parts, at least I should have the remediation team at the ready.
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