Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I used to have a friend years ago who talked about having chemical days... days when everything she touched turned instantly to shit. I've had a lot of those so I'm very familiar but starting yesterday and continuing so far today, I'm having the opposite. I don't know what to call it but everything is working. 

So much of my life is dictated by the quality of my internet connection. Really, it's true. When the signal is strong and steady, so am I. Over the past couple of weeks, my connection has been hit and miss with a lot of miss and the frustrating miss... is it Comcast? their host? their line? their connection?  Is it my router? Often the 'miss' is just long enough for stuff to fail but not long enough for me to spend any time troubleshooting effectively.

But, starting yesterday, I'm getting a steady flow of lots of bits and I think I'll just enjoy it while it's here.

My brother's steady flow is kind of flood level right now. His shop is overclocking severely. Last quarter his business was up nearly 30% over the same quater last year. He's trying to figure out how much of the uptick is long term and how much is a bubble. Should he hire now or just suffer though... Tough decisions. Especially tough decision to make when you are exhausted from working 14 hour days. And normally 7 of those 14 hours are spent in direct face to face contact with people who have computer problems and are lashing out in frustration.  I do not know how he does it.  

If it were me, your best measurement would be body count.

And while I'm being mean and crass, I am really really really tired of crying people stories of the mud slide. It's been weeks now and our TV news is still wallowing in the mud. Pun intended. The news is the progress they are or are not making. A day or two of sad stories told by sobbing people is fine but weeks and weeks of it are just exploitive.

And I swear if one more place gets 'strong', I'm going to start shooting - see body count mention above.

Todays plans are swimming and shredding and shopping and maybe a Goodwill drop off. They are offering free shredding at some of the libraries this week and I have about 12 pounds of old tax shit. The rules for keeping tax records are kind of all over the floor but 7 years should do it. So everything before 2007 is leaving the building today. And I have a very short list of grocery store items. But first there will be swimming. The pool opens at 11 and the shredding starts at 2 and the rest will be fitted in between.




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