Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

PRO ductive!!

Man oh man, I have been getting it done today!

I have this great robe I wear to the pool every day. It's basically a floor length hoodie and it's perfect. It's warm and it covers and it's easy in and easy out. BUT... the pockets suck. They are too shallow to hold my phone or my wallet without one or both falling out.  Finally, after wearing the damn thing all winter long, today I decided to fix the problem. I got a sleeve I had cut off a sweatshirt and made a patch pocket out of it. It looks dorky as hell because the pocket is navy and the robe if peacock but goddamnit I now can carry my phone and wallet safely!!

Then I fixed the remote to my ceiling fan. It broke the other day and I fixed it with new batteries but last night, it died again. Today I got the screwdriver and opened it up and said some choice words when there was nothing in there I could fix. I screwed it back together and BAM! it worked!! (But I found a $12 replacement online, so I ordered it for safety's sake.)

Then I wrote a long, detailed note to the Dropcam people explaining the weird issues this week. I'd accumulated a lot of operating system and browser data and explained steps and finally sent it off.  I got a fast response that contained a lot of words that made no sense but the net of the message was "known issue, engineers working on it, no eta".  Oh well, at least it's not me.

Part of the testing involved rebooting the router a million times.  Half the time the router gets rebooted the Axis webcam requires a rebooting. It's up on the top of the kitchen cabinets which means I have to crawl onto the kitchen counter to get to it. At my age with my lack of agility, that's really kissing the angel of death with a lot more tongue than is healthy.

Finally I googled up a remote switch - mainly used, apparently, to turn off Christmas lights outside. $10. It will be here tomorrow and after one more perilous climb, I'll be able to reboot that sucker from terra firma.

I finally got the cables that I needed to fix the bedroom TV and figured while I was fucking with it, I'd fix the Harmony remote. Done and done.

I'm so enjoying my massive cleanout of a few weeks ago. My cupboards now have drawers and bins and stuff has a place but even more importantly I can find stuff when I need it!  Heaven.

And, if all that wasn't good enough, I have 2 hours left before I have to do the next thing and I just found Yet Another Episode of The Great British Sewing Bee.  Sweet!

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