Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Snap goes the cap

This morning I went to put on my swim cap and snap! The thing ripped right up the back.  Not good.  I had a lycra one in my bag so I slapped that on and ahhhhhh. The lycra cap does not even keep my hair dry and may not provide any protection at all but man does it feel comfortable. The broken cap was less uncomfortable that other ones and I had talked myself into believing that it was worth the pinching and pulling. Nope. Not. I did not have to stop my swim one single time to adjust my cap today. I didn't even think about my cap.  My goggles stayed in place. My earbuds didn't budge.  My hair may hate it, but tough shit. I am a lycra girl from here on out.

On the up side, the failed cap less than a month old and so going right back to Amazon for a refund.  Thankyouverymuch.

The baseball opener last night was a very good game. It may all go to pot starting today but after all these years of sucky baseball, these first 7 games were keepers.

I considered going to get my hair cut today but will probably put it off. I have a small sewing project I want to tackle. And I don't have enough cash in the house. My shop has a small, sweet, discrete little sign say how much they appreciate payment in cash.  Heck, if you ask nicely, I'm there for ya, bud. So I always like to have enough cash at the ready.  I need to make an ATM run.

My house cleaner should be here any minute or in an hour or so.  She nearly always gets here before noon but sometimes it's 8:30 and sometimes it's 10:30. I'd rather she settle on a time and stick to it but really I've learned not to care.

But, since she's not here yet, I think I'll use this time to put a few things away so she doesn't have to clean around them.
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