Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of Tuesday

First off, I should mention that I'm adding a lot of new friends and dropping a lot that have been on my friends' list but who's content is either too out of  context for me to appreciate/understand (or too many memes, videos or animated gifs). I do not intend to offend anyone. I do this editing often but rarely in bunches like this. I just need a change.

I ordered a little table for my bathroom from Walmart. I have precious little real estate in my bathroom so when I found a skinny table, I ordered it up. I assumed it was not going to work - be too big, too ugly, too wobbly, too useless so my plan was to take a little road trip and return it on Saturday morning. Turns out the thing is perfect. Just exactly the right size, height and look. So... unless i think of another excuse, no road trip on Saturday.

Anita has been here and gone and, I have wonderful dinners - not even sure which I'll have tonight yet.

A couple of weeks ago, I installed a very old, not-supported-for-eons-now, piece of software (Microsoft) to use in updating my website. It's software I'm used to and it gives me WYSIWYG editing right on the hosted site so I can easily see and trim and delete old shit without having to download it first. The software and the hosted site immediately got in a fight and refused to work together. Old dogs, old tricks, no worky.  So I packed up the site and downloaded the packed filed which took a while and then unpacked it and checked it all and today decided to get to work.

I decided to use that old software but just use it locally.  So I fired it up and, on a lark, tried hooking it to the host again and BAM! It worked!! They apparently are talking again.  How sweet.  I got a lot of old shit gone. Now I need to fix what's there. None of it is critical and precious little of it is interesting but I can't bring myself to blow up the whole thing. I did find some fun old stuff. Anita was ready to go before I finished so I saved the task for another day.

The Mariners home opener is tonight. I'm ready. I hope they don't suck. 
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