Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

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I found another episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. I am loving that show. They have bits of history that are fascinating.  And the people are so nice to each other. The critiques are short and sweet and to the point. A lot of the projects they are doing are pretty tricky and I'm sure, if I were on the show, I'd be so off of it already. These folks, while incredibly unpretentious, can really sew!

I can't help but compare it to Project Runway and in nearly every single area, PR fails completely. The drama, the back biting, the redundancy, the massive product placement and constant sponsorship mentions and the superficiality of the judging...  ARUGH. I'm afraid that Bee has totally ruined Project Runway for me.

I can't find any more episodes either. I set up a Google Alert.

On the upside, watching YouTube stuff on Amazon Fire TV is fabulous.

Today is the first day that has really been comfortable enough to have the door open all day. Zoey has spent most of today out on the terrace or coming in and out any time she wants. My neighbor Ann was just in here with her usual basket of invented and heard-wrong gossip and bucket of complaints about everything (including today her husband's constipation... TMI, really with a huge dash of I don't Care).  Zoey flew right past her to go out to the terrace and then 2 minutes later flew back.

Ann is a sports fan and a baseball fan but her fandom drives me nuts. When they are losing, she has a list of people to blame. Today, when they are now 4-2, she has a list of people to blame for not doing enough. I have no desire to blame anyone for anything. I like watching the players play.  Geesh.

And yet, here I am bitching about her bitching - ha!  I'm apparently not good bitch bait because she, thankfully, didn't stay long.

No baseball game tonight but I have stuff from week before last that I haven't watched yet so I'm grateful for the catchup time.
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