Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Great British Sewing Bee

I have wanted to watch this since I first heard about it some time ago but couldn't noodle out how to do it. I've had it as a TiVo WishList for a long time. Then, tonight, p_j_cleary mentioned watching an episode! So I asked him how/where and he said YouTube.  He was kind enough not to add, dodo!  I had actually Googled it and turned up all kinds of dodgie looking websites but I never once thought to try YouTube.  So I went and found two episodes and watched one and wow.

I learned how to sew when I was very little and made all my own clothes for years and years. I even once (a million years ago) had a small business making clothes for people.  I've never not had a sewing machine in the house but I don't pull it out that often these days.

But what fun to watch a sewing competition!!!  And it's a fun show. None of the nastiness and manufactured drama of shows like Project Runway. I do wish they would all speak in regular accents, though. My ears have a hard time doing simultaneous translations of Brit to Regular (and Kiwi to regular and Aussie to regular, for that matter). On the other hand such a mundane thing like sewing sounds so much cooler when they are chatting about it in their cool accents.  And most of the lingo they use is understandable.

But, it was really great fun to watch and very cool to watch on my Amazon FireTV. Zero lag time or buffering or anything else.


And, my back is feeling much better and I haven't injured myself in hours.  Life is good.
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