Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Death by a thousand cuts OR an accident not waiting to happen

I walked down to the diner and had what turned out to be an excellent breakfast in most pleasant surroundings with outstanding service!  It's just a diner but sometimes that exactly what I want.

Before I left, I popped a load of clothes into the washer and the back of my hand got hit by the door. Giant blood bruise where there is no hiding it. Phuck.  When I got home, I moved those clean clothes into the washer and caught my wrist on the door and ripped the skin right off of it.  TRIPLE PHUCK.  I hate hate hate hate this washer/dryer set - I hated it before it started physically abusing me but now I really hate it.

I managed to get a bandage on the wound but not before I bled on about 12 surfaces.  Phuckety Phuck - more laundry. No way to bandage without pulling the skin around it which will have it's own blood bruise when the bandage comes off. I was totally out of that stick to itself bandaging stuff. I have a drawer full to the brim of all kinds of bandages and bandaids but not the stuff I need.  Yeah, phuck.

BUT... maybe that was it.  Thanks to LJ friends' suggestions, I now have ice on my back which is up against a pillow for support and I'm getting ready to search AMTA.  Maybe there's hope for me yet.

I do get this flash of dying mysteriously before the day's out and then lying on the slab in the autopsy room with some ME trying to figure out what killed me.  "This woman probably died trying to avoid any more injuries!!"

This ice does make my back feel way better. Yeah for having the perfect back icing slab in the freezer just ready for when it's needed.  Maybe my luck has turned.
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