Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh my aching back!

Yesterday afternoon my back was killing me. I'm pretty sure it's not a disk or any other real issue - just poor posture and sitting too much. I have a foam roller and got a little relief by rolling over it but omg did that hurt while I was doing it.  A good and painful massage would fix it. But, also getting off my ass would probably fix it, too. Plus, the massage lady that I have use (and really didn't love) has gotten way too difficult to book.  I would like to find someone who is good and easier to do business with but I'm clueless where/how to even look. Googling massages doesn't seem to be as straightforward as googling shoes or brunch.

I think, before I sit on my ass for the rest of the day watching the ballgame and stuff, I'll walk up the street a bit and find some breakfast. If my breathing is ok, I'll walk farther, if not, I'll stop at the neighborhood diner.  If I keep my posture good, it doesn't hurt to walk around some.

And then there is the baseball game and I have lots of stuff to watch. I haven't even watched much of anything, past testing, on the new Amazon Fire TV. It's the nicest way to watch YouTube stuff that I've tried yet so I've been plunking everything into Watch Later but I haven't had time for later yet.

No later yet now either. Time to get up, get dressed and head out.
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