Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Earlier this week, I noticed that morning was peeking through when I left for the pool at 6 am on MWF's.  This morning it was nearly daylight. I was 40 years old before I ever got to the West Coast. I've now lived in Seattle more than 20 years and I still am shocked by how long the days can be and, then, 6  months later, how short they are. This time next week, I probably won't need the headlights when I head for the pool.

Today's adventure will be checking out the new TV box from Amazon. UPS says it's on the truck. Of course, I do not need it. And especially do not need it this time of year when regular television is still showing new shows and there is baseball nearly every day. My TiVo is getting full again as it is. But, a new gadget is a new gadget and it must be investigated.

Also today may be a quick trip to the grocery. I'm out of peanut butter!! And milk. I need to reorg the fridge before I go and see if there are any other gaps. Chef Anita comes next week and I have enough dinners to last til then plus I need to make sure there is freezer/fridge space for her.

The mint I planted on the terrace is growing like the weed it is. I'm delighted. It's nice to have some green and I love the taste in iced water and iced tea both of which I drink a lot of.

I think I'll get some chores done before UPS gets here.  Plus, I think some breakfast is in order.
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