Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Tree That I Hate is turning those bud things into leaves and soon my new neighbors will be totally obscured by it's ugly leaves. I get that everyone in the world except me loves trees and I think, in their place, they are ok. If I loved them, I'd live on some tree lined street or in the forest. I live downtown. I don't want cows, haybales, or trees. I want to see my neighborhood and my neighbor's kitchen.

I guess, in another six months, I will.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, with the blocked view, also comes baseball, seasonally, I mean. And while the Mariners will likely soon revert back to their sucky selves, for the first three games, they have been really fun to watch winners!  Or what badrobot68 - a huge baseball sports fan as we all know - would call Super Bowl contenders. If we get nothing else this season at least we've had this first series - a beaut.

I ordered one of the new Amazon TV boxes. It will be here tomorrow. I will, more than likely, try it out and send it right back. Like I did with Boxee. But, I want to see what it's like.

I started listening to Dan Savage's latest book American Savage, in the pool yesterday. It's a nice swim read. He has a nice reading voice and style - a lot like Ken Jennings (his buddy in real life). But, so far, it's not fascinating. Kind of boring actually. Maybe it will pick up but it's only 7 hours long so it's only got 6 hours to get better.  Come on Dan, you can do it!

I do enjoy listening to a story or book while I'm swimming. I get lost in it. The great thing about doing laps is that you don't need to waste any brain cells worry about where you are going. My brother thinks that it's the most boring thing in the world but I love the easy of it. Up and back and up and back and up and back - no gps needed at all.

Nothing special going on here today.  I finished getting the new computer all ready for work. Windows updates took nearly all day yesterday and then I made an image of the machine onto a USB drive so that at least I don't have to start from scratch again should something happen.  It's sure not the fastest machine on the block but it also sure does work - easily - and that's what I wanted. The battery turns out to be nearly shot which is not a surprise. I ordered a new one. This will bring the total for the machine to $200. Still a steal in my book.
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