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Payday! Finally. On the first business day after the first of the month, money for me to live on is moved from my investments into my reguar checking account. It's just like having a job except I don't work and there's no paystub. Starting with CES and then moving to Home Owners Association Dues and Long Term Care Insurance annual bill and teeth pulling, 2014 has been a spend, spend, spend year. But, finally, I'm getting my rainy day fund back healthy again. It's all fictional since I'm paying myself and if I want a pay raise, I can have one BUT...

I want to make sure that if I have to live for many more years, I will have enough to live on so I don't want to get wild and crazy about how much of my nest egg I turn into omelette. And, even when you have plenty, keeping a budget is healthy and good discipline. If I stay aware of all the cash I have and where it goes, then I have fun. I can know when there's room to splurge and enjoy it all the more knowing it's not a fatal splurge.

Like today. Today I bought the new Amazon TV set top box. I bought it within minutes of their annoucing it. I don't need it for sure but I want to see it. If I don't like it, I'll send it right back for a full refund. I've been thinking about getting a Chromecast or Roku for the bedroom TV so if I like it enough, I may move one of those back to the bedroom.

One time my Dad told me that he knew he was successful the day he had enough mad money in his pocket at the liquor store to buy a fifth of scotch instead of his usual pint. We were talking about what being successful means and he was trying to tell me that measuring in terms of cash was not getting to the root of the issue. The happy person measures in terms of life moments - whatever they are. If your life moments are good and plentify, then you are successful.

His life moment was buying extra scotch.  My life moments are having all the gadgets one girl could ever want. I love playing with them and exploring them and making them do stuff. But, mainly, I think, I love that they mean I am successful. Really.

The young woman who interviewed me last night was fun and nice and I was glad I did it. She raised/asked some interesting questions that turned my brain to introspective things.  So that's why buying Yet Another DooDad That I Don't Need is such a good thing!! heheh

And... I'm on a baseball high. The Mariners won again last night. That's a freakin' 2 game winning streak. In Mariner-ville, that's huge.

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