Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

crappity crap crap

Today has been one little crappy thing after another with one good thing and since none of the crappy things really matter, it's a win.

I left the house early to take the Dyson to UPS and drop off the bears. I was sure I'd get to the pool too early and I did.  Way too early. I read my book and generally entertained myself and just as I went into the pool building, I realized the freakin' bears were still at home!  ARUGH.  The bear delivery has a small window 9-noon so by the time I realized what I had done, the window was shut.

Really, does it matter?  Hell no.  They are happy to get the bears anytime. Tomorrow is fine. Thursday would be fine. The 1st day of the month is a tradition I started.  So No biggie.

My swim was 7/8ths fine.  One of my very favorite lifeguards was on duty. He came on 15 mins into my swim. When I got to the end where he was I stopped to say high and said "long time no see" - he said he'd been working on weekends which was fine except since he doesn't start til noon "I never get to see your smiling face any more!" Now how is that not wonderful??? Plus he's really hot. Young enough to be my youngest grandson but still hot.  Towards the end of my swim, some people I'd never seen before joined my lane and they were slower than Christmas.  I got to my mile and decided that extra lanes weren't worth the hassle and left.

At home, I made a sandwich and got a diet dr. pepper and went into the living room to eat it and dropped the dr. peppe all over the carpet.  Seriously, all over - giant puddles of pop.  I mopped it up madly.  Oh well. 1. It was diet so no sticky ant-drawing sugar and 2. My carpet is dark and mottled - by design (a brilliant choice of mine, I might add) - so there is now no trace so, again, no biggie but WTF??

The really good thing is a new computer. I got rid of my windows laptop because it pissed me off every time I opened up that sucker. There was nothing right about it.  But, still, I need a windows laptop of some kind for emergencies, for taking over to the modem/router, for just random stuff that my chromebook can't do and the desktop is too cumbersome to do (or I don't want to muck it up doing - like iTunes).

I wanted something smallish - remember netbooks?  that's what I really wanted. But small, these days means thin, not small.  I didn't care how thin it was or how heavy. Windows 7 was a requirement and at least 2GB of ram. I didn't care how beautiful the screen was or what it looked like.  And I wanted to pay as little as possible. My brother is selling referb machines - laptops, all in ones, desktops fast and furiously, mainly he thinks due to XP coming to an end. His cheapest laptop lately is $600. I didn't want to pay that much.

Finally on Tiger Direct, I spied a $170 (total inc tax and shipping) Dell. I snagged it. It came today and it is PERFECT!!!  It's an old aspire - circa 2008 - and built for business use so it's got ports coming out the wazoo. A fresh - not one byte of bloatware - install of Windows 7 and it's perfect. I'm tickled to bits.  It's better than I imagined and will be perfect for what I want.  I have not had a Dell in a long time, I keep saying to myself Dude Yer Gettin' a Dell!  I crack myself up.

I loaded up my Shuffle with a new book and deleted some songs that were driving me crazy.  All ready for tomorrow's swim.

Tonight's a new baseball game. The magazine's interview is in about 15 mins.  I may have breakfast for dinner.
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