Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Picture project...  Yesterday, twice, I went to find a picture that I knew was in my Flickr account and it took me way too long to find it.  Then, when I did, I killed another 'way too long' trying to work around their new UI and get what I needed for using the pictures.  So that was it.  I started divorce proceedings.  I found a very easy to use tool to copy all of my Flickr photos to Google and hit the 'copy' button.  It was simple and straightforward.  There are more than 6,500 photos of mine in Flickr so it's still going on but soon it will be done and I can wash the Flickr off my hands.

Last night, as a test, I went in to Google to find those two photos and found them both in a flick of the eye.  Google's pictures (which is really Google+ Pictures) isn't perfect but they are making it better all the time and it does what I need so I'm good for now.  There are some photos there that aren't public and I need to go in and do some tidying...  But, for now,  I think I'm good.

If you go to and click on the photos tab you should see most of them.  (If anyone does that and does NOT see pictures, would you please let me know? The downside of Google is that I'm so ingrained that logging out to see the 'public' view of some stuff is just nearly impossible!)


I'm trying to figure out what to do today.  I have chores - the kitchen and putting away the laundry and tidying up the bathroom but really that's it. I was thinking about going downtown for a movie.  There's one I want to see at the good theater.  But, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to blow that off and stay here.  I should take the bear photo today and pack them up for delivery. I think maybe I'll just get up and make myself a fine breakfast and then see what happens.
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