Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rental Car Conundrum

My friends, Scott and Julie, from New Zealand told me several months ago that they will be visiting Seattle for a few days in July.  I tried to STRONGLY suggest they NOT be here on July 4 - it's probably the worst time - stuff not open, too hot, traffic problems - but my suggestion was ignored so now I have those issues but a car problem that I keep noodling around in my head finding no solution.

Julie wants to shop and loves malls and there is stuff all around town we want to do. I need a car with room for 3. Mine is a is good for 2 peops only.They arrive the afternoon of Saturday, July 4.  They leave the afternoon of Tuesday, July 8. So I need passenger wheels for  3 days.

Zipcar has cards in the garage just across the street from my garage. I could, conceivably join Zipcar and reserve a car for those 3 days. That would be a lovely solution as it would mean I could just leave my own car in it's own spot in my garage. But, if I can't get one of those cars, the next closest ones are not nearly as handy. And the whole thing, joining and renting for 3 days, would run me about $400.

A regular rental car would cost about half of that in car rental but the only car rental places open on July 4 are at the airport and even if I wanted to haul out to the airport on July 4, it would cost as much to leave my car parked there for the duration.

GRRRRR.  This is really bugging me.  I thought by writing it out, a solution would find me.  Didn't work.
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