Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A lovely surprise

Madalene showed up at the pool today.  Madalene is an 80 something friend from when I used to take aqua jogging classes.  The one I used to take starts about the time I finish my laps on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I haven't seen here there in a long long time.  I used to joke with her when she missed a class that I had been checking the obits and expected her to turn up there or in the class sooner or later.

Today she walked over to my side of the pool and I stopped swimming to chat "So you aren't dead??!! Isn't that fun?"  I briefly caught her up on the poop - Jennifer finally got a job, just this week, Judith is getting married... and moving to Jamaca, Chuck (the instructor she really didn't like) quit and Brent was now teaching and he's good.  She asked if I had time to meet after class and we agreed on Subway.  Sofia, the new life guard was listening to all of this and just cracking up.

I finished my swim and went to Subway. I was about halfway done when Madalene showed up and then Kathy (another from class) arrived.  We had a lovely chat.  Kathy had shower invites for Judith's bridal shower we we all agreed we aren't going to but she also had a great plan for a group gift.  We gave her $ and she'll make it happen - easy peasy.  I need to rsvp to the invite.

It was a nice little afternoon interlude.

I just got a request for an interview for a magazine article in .  I'd never heard of the site before. It looks really interesting.  I'm not asked for interviews often but routinely turn them down when I am.  But this one, I might say yes to.  I like the site and the writer sent a really nice request.  I think she needs to be rewarded for that alone!  So, what the heck.  Her story is on webcams.
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