Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For years and years now, I've used Flickr.  Every day.  I used it for photos posted to LJ and photos sent in email and photos for posterity and, really, for nearly every single image in my life.  Until last week.  Like my music/Pandora deal, as Flickr drops options - mainly the post to LJ in one click - Google gets better with their version.

For the past several years, all of the photos I shoot have gone directly to Google Photos. Everything shot with the phone is backed up automatically and those few pics I take with my camera get to Google without my intervention thanks to Eye.Fi.  Recently, they've added some organizational features and their search beats the crap out of Flickr.

So... buh bye Pandora, buh bye Flickr...  Google, you thought you owned me before?  Well, you really do now so don't fuck up, k?


The section of my mouth that donated the pulled tooth a few weeks ago has all healed.  That sucker was sore for so long that not having it sore is still shocking.  No phantom tooth pain.  But... chewing is definitely affected.  The one that was pulled was the second to the last one on my upper right side.  15 years ago, I broke - and so had the remnants pulled - the second to the last one on the lower left side.

This has left me with mirrored holes and no good side to chew on.  Mostly it makes no difference.  But, as I found out last night, a piece of beef that is not melt in your mouth tender is not that much fun any more.  I think there is a lot o' chicken and pork in my future.  No biggie. I've been a huge steak eater all my life. I've probably had enough.

I may save my pennies and splurge once in a while on the tenderest of steaks but other than that, I think it's not worth the effort.


Yesterday was the anniversary of the Kingdome implosion.  The Kingdome was in my front yard.  Hell, the Kingdome was my front yard.  Sure it was ugly and unsuitable for anything and a political hot potato but it was not without its charm and I still kind of miss it.  The implosion day - a Sunday morning - was quite the event.  I was the only one allowed to stay in this building (probably the only one who wanted to).  I expected it to be loud and it was but I didn't expect it to feel as earhquake-y as it did.  But the most amazing thing was the aftermath. It was a sunny day but the dust completely blocked out the sun for a bit and turned everything gray.  And it was so quiet.  Very apocalyptic.  And very very cool.
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