Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The gift of XP

My brother reports that he's on track to have the best (financially) month ever (9 years) at his PC shop thanks to Microsoft abandoning XP.  Love the windfalls.  A million years ago, I sold Selectric typewriters for IBM in Greenwood County, SC.  At that time, Greenwood was a tiny county with precious little sales potential BUT it was a tornado magnet.  I think I worked there a year and met my quota mostly thanks to tornados and thunderstorms (their electrical grid was pretty stone age).

But, back to Texas, earlier this week, an older gentleman wandered into the shop with a HUGE CPU.  It was a giant gaming PC on wheels.  His grandson had built it for him and kinda botched the motherboard install so that it fried the first time it was turned on.  Amy, my brother's shop manager, found him a better motherboard and power supply for cheaper and installed it correctly and he wheeled that puppy home - a very happy camper.

But, now I kind of have this vision of a grandparents' home complete with antimacassars, horse hair sofas and cut glass candy dishes and one giant mofo of a CPU... on wheels.  It's cracking me up.


We have two NPR stations here.  One started their pledge drive this week. They are notorious for dragging those damn things on for weeks on end.  The other one has way shorter drives but starts theirs on Monday.  So... come Monday, I'll be visiting other stations.  About 5-7 years ago many, now most, NPR stations have free streams.  I've hooked up various configurations of clocks and computers to replicate my clock radio.  This year, I have options galore.  I could just set my regular internet radio to another station but I think I'm going to try out my phone/bt speaker option.  I tried out many different apps today and think I found a good one for me.  I'm going to give it a solid road test tomorrow morning.

And, kind of along the same lines, Google Music has made some great strides this week.  I've been a Pandora user/lover for a really long time.  I pay them a modest amount every year and until recently, I've been pretty satisfied.  But, lately, they've been kind of pissing me off with their lack of selections.

Google's Music service is more than double the cost and charges per month (I hate per month charges. I like to pay once and not worry about it for a year... or two...).  I can now, without putting down my knitting needles or even touching my phone and using just my voice, wake it up, and ask it to play music. It will look at my own music and either use it alone, or if I pay for the service, match it with new stuff.  (Ok Google Now, Play Some Music.)

That, alone, is attractive, BUT...  they also, today, gave me - finally - the ability to easily move music around - from my computer (even my chromebook) to my Music Manager (app or browser) and phone.  I still need a Windows computer in the mix to get mp3's from Amazon to my phone but at least it does it without my intervention.

If I buy from Google, I'm golden as far as having it available anywhere.


LOTS of pizza left over from dinner last night so the fact that I completely burnt a slice for lunch is fine. The oven was already warmed up so I could toss the crispy critter and cut another slice and still have plenty for dinner tonight.  But the smell... she lingers.... and it kind of says STUPID!!!


Last night, I dreamed about my friend, John who died a decade ago.  We were on one of our trips and we were having a lovely time.  It was a nice little dream.  It was nice to see him again and share a few laughs.
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