Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stamina... yeah not so much

When you sit around all day, like I do, you really don't get a good feel for what your stamina.  When you work like a dirty dog - yeah, it was really only for about 4 hours, maybe 5 total - you learn how much you cannot do.

Yesterday afternoon, I moved some stuff out of my bedroom closet to the outside cupboards and got up on the ladder to cover up the stuff on top with plastic so that it wouldn't get grimey.  But mostly I just sat and was exhausted.  It hurt to move, but I was too tired anyway.  I went to bed at 9 and was asleep by 10.  And really was, I think, too tired to sleep well.

Yeah, I guess I didn't use it enough and lost it.  On the bright side, because Terri the Task Rabbit did all of the cleaning work, at least I could breathe and did not have one single coughing fit.  This is pretty huge.  The city dust build up is wicked.  Now that it's all clean, I am sure going to stay on top of it.

But today is another day.  And today is a light agenda day.  Actually, I have several days - a lovely string - with nothing on my have-to platter.  I have one closet left that needs a good pull everything out, cull, sort and reorganize but it's not a show stopper.

It's lovely to know where everything is and to know I can put my hands on whatever I want easily.

Plans are to be at the pool when it opens at 11 and then pick up pizza for dinner on the way home.  Otherwise, knit, TV, book, relax.

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