Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This task rabbit is whipped

Terri, my Task Rabbit, arrived about 15 minutes early.  I hired her for cleaning and organization.  Of the terrace cupboards.  She turned out to be a tireless worker and pretty darned efficient. I was hoping for more actual organizational help and advice but she waited to see where I wanted stuff put and then put it there.  So no brilliant organizational insights.  But it was fine.

Having someone there meant 1. no breaks - my back and feet are just exhausted and I'm filthy dirty.  But had I done the job at my pace, a couple of birthdays would have gone by before I finished.  So in this case, pain but big gain. and 2. I had no time to make important Keep or Toss decisions so I ended up tossing out a whole lot more than I would have on my own - probably twice as much.

I did not toss out anything that cannot be replaced if I decide that life is no longer worth living without it.  And OMG, do I have beautiful storage space now.  With room.  Whew.  It's perfect.  And all the stuff is out of here.  Two 2-tier carts full took two trips to the dumpster.

My next step - NOT today - is to go through the living room cupboard and move some  of it to the terrace so that everything will have room to breathe and will be accessible easily.  But, today was a giant step forward.  Yeah!

I'm trying to figure out if I have enough energy to make a sandwich or if it would be easier to go down to the coffee shop and order one and bring it back.  I could sure use a magic wand right now - a magic wand with a sandwich on the end of it!
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