Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trapped by a warm cat on a chilly morning

I was all caught up on coffee and internets and getting ready to get up when Zoey curled herself into my lap and draped her head over my arm.  So... I can wait a few minutes to move.  I'm crosslegged on the bed with the computer (and Zoey). She's purring very loudly.

My Task Rabbit lady comes at 10 and it's just now 9.  I showered at the pool so, really, I have time to kill.  There are four very tall cabinets out on the terrace - the equivalent of two 5 feet by 10 feet wardrobes - that are crammed to the gills with crap. It's the kind of crap that, when I can't find it, I buy more - screws and nails and cables and stuff.

Cull, toss, get into order so I can find shit.  That's the Task Du Jour. The Task Rabbit is here for 3 hours.

Ok, Zoey's decided it's time to get up and get ready.  So I will.
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