Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Even after 40 years, I'm embarrassed

In the early 70's my very very best friend married a guy - a lawyer - that I had never met (we lived about 600 miles apart at that time).  After about a year she begged me to meet her halfway between our towns and over a weekend of tears she told me she was going to divorce him because she caught him wearing her clothes.

At the time, neither of us had every heard of such a thing and we were totally disgusted. I agreed with her totally that there was no way she could stay married and live with such a person. We literally went out and bought her all new, unworn by him, underwear. She went back and never lived with him again.

I have no idea what happened to him. She married another guy a few years later and after she had her child (who is now probably 30ish), we completely lost touch.

Many years ago I realized how small minded and mean and ignorant we were. I've been totally and thoroughly embarrassed by my feelings and my actions ever since.

Just now I read a journal entry by a long time LJ friend of mine who's young niece is exploring her own identity, gender wise, sex wise and probably many other ways wise.  My LJ friend's short and simple entry reported the latest with a kindness and a gentleness and an awareness and the kind of loving heart I sure with I had had 40 years ago.  

I honestly don't regret a lot in my life but I sure do regret what I felt and said and did that weekend.

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