Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shopping and yardwork

It occured to me the other day that I have been feeling better than normal recently. I haven't felt bad enough to even remember to used my rescue inhaler in a couple of weeks.  Very very little coughing and zero coughing fits in a while.  I wondered if it was my imagination or the real deal.

Today, I swam for an hour - all alone in my lane - yeah!  Then I drove across the lake to one of my favorite breakfast places - Stopsky's Deli.  I ordered wrong but it was fine. It's a marvelous place to eat. Lots to watch, not too noisy, prompt coffee refills by really nice people. I just love it.  

Then on to Factoria. I started at Walmart.  I had a list that required going all over the store which I did, and enjoyed.  I didn't feel sick or bad or even tired.  At all.  I could have even gone on to Target or Old Navy or any one of the other stores in that same area but I didn't need anything else!  The only other thing on my list was a plant for the planter on the terrace.  So I stopped at Home Depot and bought mint.  

I came home and unloaded everything and put every single thing away.  I planted the mint in the planter and cleaned up and I am not at all exhausted.  Wow.  Kind of amazing. It's been months and months since I've had this kind of stamina.  

I may even go out later and pick up something for dinner!



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