Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoey and I are awake and enjoying coffee and the internets in bed staying warm.  It got chillier than I expected last night but I was too sleepy to put on more clothes or more blankets.  Better too cold than too hot!

The pool opens - so I'll be there - at 8:30 this morning. After swimming today, I plan on breakfast at Stopsky's, a wonderful kosher deli on Mercer Island, and then on to Factoria for shopping errands.  I have a short list but road closures and events on this side of the lake promise to make getting around difficult. Factoria has a wide variety of retail in a small area and no road closures. So it's road trip!

The place on my arm where I took all the skin off a week ago is finally healed. I was always of the Air Will Heal school of wounds. When a wound stops bleeding/weeping, remove all bandages and just let it heal. Not long ago, I read Ken Jennings book, Because I Said So. In short bits, he explores old wives tales, common conceptions and misconceptions and other myths and truths.  One of them was "Take the Band-aid off and let it air out". After consulting medical and scientific information, he found this to be so much hooey and you should keep the wound covered and moist and it will heal faster and more comfortably with no hard scab to itch and pull. So I followed the medical advice of Ken Jennings this time and he was right! Wow. Old dog/new tricks.

Baseball is on tv this afternoon. They broadcast the game last night, too. I'm ready for Spring Training to be over.

This is the time of the year where, depending on the year, three big events converge - baseball season starts, my birthday happens and the Pulizer Prizes are announce.  This year they are not on top of each other like they are sometimes.

My brithday is Friday. Mariners basball starts a week from Monday. But the Pulitzers won't be announced until April 14.

In 1981 (I had to look it up), the Pulitzers were announced on the same night that my baseball team (I had season tickets) opened the season. My husband won one of the prizes and even though I knew it was possible, I skipped the ceremony and went to the game.  (The marriage, no surprise, was very brief.) He won as part of a 4 man team journalism team and it was the Public Service Pulitzer which is trophy only, no cash but still. I was a Horrible Wife. And every year, when they announce the Pulizers, I'm reminded once again. Le Sigh.

This year, I think I'm going to just wallow in turning 65 and focus on shooting for a non-sucky baseball season.

Right now, I'm going to focus on getting to the swimming pool!

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