Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning, I got to the pool and was delighted to see that the couple who started coming recently and got there ahead of me were no shows this morning.  Even Shannon, the lifeguard who's van is usually parked in spot #1 wasn't there. When I got inside, I saw the lanes weren't even set up. hmmmm

I went into the locker room and shucked my robe and grabbed my stuff (googles, lap counter ring, mp3 player, cap - swimming is involving more and more stuff!) and went back out to the pool...  Erica was there and said that Shannon and Coreen were running late.

Erica does pool maintenance but takes a break and does the early morning swim. She's very cool. About that time another regular showed up and he and I started the set up - putting the lane floats in and stuff.  We were about half way done, when the two lifeguards arrived huffing and puffing and embarrassed.  They went to work and, turns out, we started on time anyway. It was kind of fun. Nice to pitch in and be helpful. 

I love my early morning swims and, unlike Wednesday, today was not crowded and it was just about perfect.

I just searched my Google pictures by using the word 'pool' and it turned up my totally uncatagorized, untagged and named CameraZoomxxx, etc..  Google picture search is amazing.  This is a shot from September of my pool and there's Erica with her long pool cleaning stick!  The section closest is the shallow training pool.  Where I swim is beyond there where the flags are.  The lane floats aren't put in yet here either! I need to get a better picture.

The kitchen needs my first attention of the day. I got lazy and didn't empty the dishwasher and, in this house, that is a slipper sloap down the hill of kitchen mahem.  Then, I think, it's table cloth.  I have a table on the terrace and I love the tablecloth I have on it but it keeps flapping.  While I was swimming this morning I figured out an easy way to fix it that will also look nice.  My original plan was to go buy a new one but I really like this one so I think I'll try a fix first. 

I don't have any plans to go out but that may change or it may not.  That's one of the joys of retirement!

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