Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dumpster Diving Through My Past

beadyeyedbeth graciously offered to photograph the cottage I lived in when I lived in Aiken, SC.  It was an adorable cottage and while I only lived there a couple of years, they were extremely significant years for me.  The problem is, they were long, long ago - early 70's and I haven't a clue what my address was. I remember the house was very near the intersection of Whiskey Road and Easy Street.  Seriously.  Google maps is giving me too many trees to get it it pinpointed any more closely than that.

I'd love to see that little cottage again. So many things happened there. I was lying in bed one night when a bolt of lightening went in one window of my bedroom and out another.  No shit.  I felt my first earthquake while playing Yatzee on the floor of the living room.  I gave up journalism in that house. I had my first orgasm in that house. I loved that house.

I have a lot of shit but I would have a lot more if I was not so vigilant at throwing stuff out. I have only two file folders of old papers. Very little has survived here.  What didn't get tossed is a very odd assortment of stuff.

The bank book from the mortgage on my first house. Purchase price (furnished!) $22,500.00 - October 29, 1976. That was another sweet little house, too.  I found a campaign postcard from when my friend, Mary Hopper ran for City Council in Charlotte. That had to be early 80's.  The booklet that my grandmother had to carry around that showed the government had revoked her citizenship during World War II because my grandfather was German born.  My kindergarten report card. Library cards from North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, and 3 from California.  Some old drivers license (but none from South Carolina) and a very odd assortment of business cards from various jobs.  Oh and about 20 copies of my mother's dead certificate.

Yep, I spent more than an hour in memory lane but no go on the Aiken address. Fun hour remembering, though!
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